Spring 2020: Datacenter Architecture
ECE 561, Wed 1:25-3:55PM, Fitzpatrick Schiciano A

This course covers advanced topics in data centers with an emphasis on computer architecture and systems. This course surveys recent advances in processor, memory, network, and storage. And it surveys modern software systems that run in computing clouds. Discussion-oriented classes focus on in-depth analysis of readings. Students will learn to reason about datacenter performance and energy efficiency. Students will complete a collaborate research project.


[Project Proposal]
The project is open-ended and students may form groups of up to three to pursue a project related to computer architecture and distributed systems. Deliverables are scheduled for the remainder of the term.


Paper List. Please see syllabus or Sakai.

Participation/Discussion. This course uses a seminar, not a lecture, format. Each class covers particular topics from assigned readings. Students are expected to read the assigned papers and to prepare for course discussions. A student will be assigned to lead the discussion for each paper.

Response Papers. [Sample]
The students should prepare an insightful critique of the assigned papers due at the beginning of class. These response papers should take the form of a constructive paper review, including (1) summary, (2) strengths, (3) weaknesses, (4) directions for future work. These response papers should be no longer than one page per reading. Papers will be evaluated for brevity and depth of insight.

Discussion Lead. Paper leader should prepare pose questions to stimulate a discussion.