Inkscape basics


NumPy command Note
Ctrl+arrow pan or scroll the canvas
Ctrl+B hides scrollbars
“-” “+” “=” zoom zoom zoom
Ctrl+N create a new inkscape documents
Ctrl+O opens an exisiting svg file
Ctrl+S saves the current file
holding Alt restricts movement in the move mode
holding Ctrl preserves the original height/width ratio during resize
space or F1 activates the selector
“[” and “]” rotate an object
arrows move objects
Alt+< and Alt+> resize and object. “<” and “>” work too
tom bombadil
hold Shift + click selects multiple objects

Getting familiar

  1. open a new inkscape document
  2. select the square shape and create a square or rectangle by pressing the mouse button once on your canvas dragging the mouse a little then letting go of the mouse. (try the control squares and circle)
  3. Hit the spacebar to go into move/resize mode (try holding Ctrl)
  4. Click on the rectangle again to change into rotate/skew mode. (try holding Ctrl) (try ‘[‘,’]’,’<’,’>’)